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First of all in this paper the definition of concept of culture is examined, and then we put the questions that concern the methodology of empirical research in the field of culture, concerning the concept of culture from which we start and “matrix” research, so – called models in culture. During the elaboration of the concept of culture and reexamine of empirical research of models in culture, we get to the conclusion that empirical research of models for which we concern that exist in the culture necessarily start from a certain cultural concept, and if this concept is not precisely defined, and then neither these researches are not theoretically relevant. In fact, in our opinion, such researches are more utilitarian character, and they serve, by majority, manage with cultural development – that mainly is done by cultural management and cultural politic – more than progress of scientific knowledge. So we get to the idea, that instead dealing with the forms of culture, theory of culture, opinion as philosophy of culture, should critically reexamine cultural values, which are dynamical and dialectical category.

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VUKSANOVIĆ, D. (2015). CULTURE: MODELS AND VALUES. Arhe, 11(22), 9–19.


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