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 In this paper, the authors examined by the means of a dialogue the very current question of speculative confluence of philosophy and mathematics. In this collegial discourse, they start off from a methodological position that states that polyformism is an inevitable principle based on the dialectical law of negation, which is present in the science of philosophy since the time of Aristotle. The key essential question of this scientific and philosophical phenomenon is in its permanent insistence upon integral examination of various approaches of hermeneutic understanding and reasoning of notions, especially while studying scientific, educational or philosophical phenomena. By studying and exploring the possibility of applying this principle, the authors arrived at the following conclusion: if it is undisputed that evidence (presenting by the means of trivial proof by laws of logic) is a principle, and permanence (maintaining formal order) founded on evident proof is also a principle, then every finite chain of conjunctions of evident scientific, methodic, philosophical proofs, or a multiple conjunction thereof, itself a scientific, methodic or philosophical principle.

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KRCIĆ, ŠEFKET, & MARKOVIĆ, ĐOGO G. (2015). POLYFORMISM AS THE TEACHING, SCIENTIFIC AND PHILOSOPHICAL PRINCIPLE. Arhe, 11(22), 159–171. https://doi.org/10.19090/arhe.2014.22.159-171


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