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As in most other things without ancient Greeks it is not possible to introduce atheism or to reflect on atheism. Although some researches the burning of Protagoras’ writing On the Gods consider as the first known example of the so-called “intellectual inquisition” that does not determine a Greek man neither Greek gods. Unlike the Christian God who can be “unfair and cruel” the Greek gods have a human form and they amicably mix with mortals. Even when angry they are not inexorable, if suprahuman they are not monstrous. Parables related to Greek gods depict them as good-natured and sociable. In spite of some exceptions “it seemed to be the belief of mild and reasonable people who conscientiously, by performing religious ceremonies, respected their ancestors without dark fanaticism…”

When Arthur Schopenhauer says that faith is not for philosophers that does not annihilate the possibilities for philosophical and theological dialogue. Unlike farming dogmatic “flowers” philosophy is moving in “only the realm of what can be known..”

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ŠKULJEVIĆ, ŽELJKO. (2016). A SHORT INTRODUCTION TO ATHEISM. Arhe, 12(24), 135–145. https://doi.org/10.19090/arhe.2015.24.135-145


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