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The author of this paper argues that Kant’s critique of pure reason should not be reduced to epistemological inquiry. It is, however, concerned with knowledge, in the form of metaphysics, judging by the fundamental motives of Kant’s philosophy speculative interest could not be the last word of critique. The paper firstly gives an overview of Kant’s understanding of interest, pure interest, and the possibility of subjective effect of practical reason. Secondly, according to the Kant’s thesis on the primacy of practical reason, the author analyses fundamental concepts of transcendental dialectics and, specifically, the problem of antinomies. In this manner, the author is able to present a more concrete exegesis of Kant’s claim that the problems of speculative reason are instigated by the practical reason. Finally, following the analysis of significance that metaphysics has for the culture of reason according to Kant, and the role of critique within that context, this paper concludes with the possibility of understanding the critique as a modern propensio intellectualis according to practical interest of reason.

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JEVTIĆ, N. . (2022). KANT’S NOTION OF CRITIQUE AND THE HIGHEST INTEREST. Arhe, 18(35), 7–29. https://doi.org/10.19090/arhe.2021.35.7-29


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