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In the case of Hypatia of Alexandria, it would seem that the continuous sweeping of speculative and investigative accomplishments of female philosophers „under the rug“ perpetrated by the so-called androcentric histories of philosophy has become „clear and distinct“, but also brutal. Despite her actual accomplishments in the field of astronomy (for instance, in contrast to the then-dominant geocentrism, this neoplatonic female philosopher had, almost a millenium ahead of Copernicus, noticed the importance and verity of heliocentric system), her insistence on philosophical and scientific truth of her research during the turbulent times in Alexandria would prove fatal for her. She would be brutally murdered by Cyril’s religious fanatics led by a certain Peter, which was merely an attempt at abating the responsibility of the ruling christian clique. What is particularly upsetting are the attempts of several church historians of that time, specifically Socrates Scholasticus and his voluminous „sudy“ History of the Church, as well those of more recent authors, including female authors such as polish scientist M. Dzielska.

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ŠKULJEVIĆ, N. (2015). ONCE UPON A TIME IN ALEXANDRIA. Arhe, 11(21), 183–191. https://doi.org/10.19090/arhe.2014.21.183-191


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