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The author in this paper analyses the delicate discussion on justice that Aristotle undertook in the E book of Nicomachean Ethics. The Stagirite retains that δικαιοσύνη is a multiple meaning word and understands it as a double meaning word, at least. The justice is, first of all, equalized with the obeyance of the law and to a certain extent it is equalized with virtue. This type of justice is called "universal" justice. The second is so called "particular" justice, which is manifested in the observance of the rules of equality and is being considered as a part of virtue. The latter, more specific notion of justice, which is additionally divided into distributive and commutative justice, is also interesting because it presents the Stagirites as a thinker who was first to systematically and philosophically formulates, in mythological consciousness already established relation between the ideas of justice and equivalence. Aristotle, the author concludes, at the end of the classical era, tried to embrace the internal differentiation and different strata of Hellenic polis by segmented and speculative investigation of virtues, particularly justice, in order to find the cohesive factor of particular, specific and general interests and compatibility of all elements of "ethical", "economic" and "political" spheres of living.

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KALUĐEROVIĆ, ŽELJKO. (2018). "UNIVERSAL" AND "PARTICULAR" ΔΙΚΑΙΟΣύΝΗ. Arhe, 15(29), 59–77. Retrieved from https://arhe.ff.uns.ac.rs/index.php/arhe/article/view/2220


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