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In this paper, we will attempt to explore Heisenberg's concept of closed theory and his understanding of scientific revolutions. The motive for Heisenberg's pursuit of these ideas of philosophy of science lies in the problem dating back to the early twentieth century, the founding of quantum theory, when physicists found themselves in the problem of understanding the relationship between classical physics, the old quantum theory and the new matrix mechanics. First, we will examine the definition of the concept of closed theory, after which we will move on to the analysis of the basic characteristics of closed systems – boundedness, complete accuracy and finality. Hereafter, we will discuss the relationship between closed systems and the possibility of scientific revolutions, and finally, considering the results achieved, discuss the relationship between Heisenberg and Thomas Kuhn, that is, the similarities and differences of their concepts of closed systems and the scientific paradigm.

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CMILJANOVIĆ, A. (2020). HEISENBERG’S CONCEPT OF CLOSED THEORY AND IDEA OF SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION. Arhe, 16(32), 245–259. https://doi.org/10.19090/arhe.2019.32.245-259


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