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The paper represents a preliminary work guided by the question of whether Nietzsche's writing belongs to the Aesopian tradition. The first part of the paper carries out the reading of Nietzsche's philosophy as “inverted Platonism” with regard to the understanding of the image as the promise of the concept in Plato, all for the sake of pointing out the intimacy of Nietzsche's and Plato's writing style. The second part of the paper, through a conversation with interpretations of Nietzsche that start from the general thesis that everything is the story, tries to get to the concreteness of the fable and its connection with the fate of the philosophical writing. The third section of the paper describes the relationship between the fable and Nietzsche's writing in three stages: By concretizing the fabulous character of Plato's and Nietzsche's writings, presenting the structure of the fable, and pointing out the significance of the question of what does it mean that the animal speaks in the fable?

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TATALOVIĆ, N. . (2023). PROLEGOMENA TO NIETZSCHE’S FABULOUS SCIENCE. Arhe, 19(37), 263–289. Retrieved from


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